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Oral Diseases Prevention

ORAL DISEASES PREVENTION To decrease the risk of developing any dental problems, and eventually health issues, always remember to: Brush your teeth thoroughly twice daily Don’t forget to floss (Food particles can get stuck in between the teeth!) A good and balance diet is essential Use dental products that contains fluoride Rinse your mouth with…

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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind?

Connection between Gum Diseases and the Mind? Gum diseases have been found to increase the risk of dementia later in life. Researchers have also discovered that individuals with periodontal diseases have poorer memory that makes activities in daily life more difficult for them. How your oral can affect your health? Experts have said that having…

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Good Oral Hygiene

GOOD ORAL HYGIENE Are you practicing good oral hygiene? Here are some warning signs that can mean that your teeth need extra care and concern from you! Your teeth are dirty and debris is found on them. Gums are red and hurts or bleed when you brush or floss You are facing problems with constant…

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